Blogging has quickly become a company must. Whether you have a large company or you are a one-person operation, blogging is the most effective way to establish communication with your target market. Not only has it been proven to have one of the highest returns on your investment, but it also provides your business with evergreen content. What is evergreen content? Evergreen content is something that appeals to the masses while also providing relevant and valuable information to your target demographic. This helps produce even more new leads while simultaneously building trust with your current clientele. So what do you have to know when you are writing a blog?

Blog With Purpose

When creating any new content, there are certain things you should always keep in mind. This article will cover the top five things you need to know whether you are just starting or have been blogging prior. The top five things you need to know when creating content for your blog are the real value of Pinterest, the importance of evergreen content, the golden rule, keywords, and balance. Get ready to find out how each of these things will help you consistently produce valuable content for your clients. Because I know just how useful blogging can be for any business, I am going to include more information at the end of this article that is sure to convert you into a frequent blogger!

The Hidden Power of Pinterest

Pinterest may be one of the most underutilized platforms currently available. Most people are under the impression that Pinterest is just another social media platform. They are wrong! Pinterest is primarily a search engine, and you should treat it as one. How do you go about doing that? Keep reading and make sure you use all of these tips to your advantage. It is also a great idea to create your own Pinterest pins that can help redirect potential clients back to you. For the record, everything should lead back to you!

Content Is King

Evergreen content is, by far, your most powerful asset. One of the best things about evergreen content is that, when done correctly, you can apply it to multiple areas. For example, I have included an infographic in this blog. This infographic contains information that is relevant to this blog, making it act as more than just a visual representation of this blog, it also can be used to draw even more attention to the blog itself! By creating visual evergreen content, you can apply it in several ways and to a number of locations. Given that the average consumer is primarily visual, this can be an absolute game-changer for your business. Not to mention, it can help get your brand in front of your target market. 

The Golden Rule

The golden rule is the one rule that should apply to absolutely everything you do! It is that you provide information or content that provides your readers with some sort of value. Whether that be of education or even providing a solution to a current problem they may be dealing with. It helps when you choose topics that you are passionate about. When you choose things that drive you it creates more of a conversation like a post, these types of posts tend to get the most engagement from your audience. 

Know Where Your Keys Are!

Keywords are frequently searched words. You can find out which words are most frequently searched for by inputting them into a keyword search engine. A great free option is, there are also several purchasable options available. Why should you be using these keywords? Simply put, they help keep your content at the top of the search list. This means that when your audience goes to look for something, let’s say about health or wellness tips, it ensures that your article is pulled first. Now, before you start going keyword crazy, you really only need to include them in: the title, URL, subheadings, and once or twice in the content. 

Balance Is Everything!

The last of the five top things you NEED to know when blogging is about balance. Life can be hectic, let’s face it we are all busy and it pays to create balance in all areas of our lives. When it comes to blogging it can be easy to burn out. There are going to be a day you don’t want to write, that is just the way it goes. That is why it is imperative that you schedule in some downtime this will help keep your blogs fresh and enjoyable to read. On the days that you feel like writing stock up and preload them into a calendar. By creating an inventory you can help keep your site consistent (which has been proven to dramatically increase conversion rate) without burning out. 

My Top Blogging Tips

When it comes to the actual content within the blog some key tips to keep in mind are length, visuals, embedded links, infographics, and close with a question. Most blogs that receive the highest amount of views and engagement are 1,500 words and broken into 150 words or fewer paragraphs. The best blogs combine multiple visuals from pictures to infographics. When embedding links you want to provide the reader with either a way to fact check your information or access to even more information regarding your topic. If you are submitting your blog as a guest post make sure you check with them first on their regulations regarding embedded links. Some host blogging sites limit or restrict your ability to embed links. Lastly, the goal of a blog is to inspire conversation. Make sure you are providing them with an invitation to interact with you.

Start Today

Blogging has the ability to help you dramatically increase your business traffic. Don’t believe me? Be sure to subscribe to my next article that will break down the top five reasons every business needs to be blogging. If you are a health and wellness expert looking for help to become the next major influencer in your field, I would love to hear from you. I offer an online course that can help you do just that. For more information, book a one-on-one consultation call with me. If you are the best at what you do and no one knows you exist, how many people can you help?

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