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More About Global Influencer Jana Short


Jana Short


Jana Short is a renowned global influencer in the health and wellness industry, mindset coach, NLP & RTT Practitioner, best-selling author, public speaker, Oh, My Health… There is HOPE! Podcast host and Best Holistic Life magazine editor.

Jana works creating online global influencers, teaching her clients to remove blocks holding them back, and start that love affair with their potential online clients while creating strong bonds.

She has recently been recognized and featured on the cover of Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Magazine and as the top mindset coach and influencer for 2020, Monica Garg’s “Influential Women of the World-Global Influencers” 2020, Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine “Top 25 Entrepreneurs for 2020” issue and the cover of December’s Best Holistic Life magazine.

Jana is getting the message of hope out into the world in a huge way, changing the world one health expert at a time.

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