This week’s episode of Oh My Health… There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Amy Gerhartz, a singer-songwriter, speaker, coach, and self-love advocate who realized after watching a Ted Talk that her initial problem was herself: her self-esteem. Now, she confirms that self-love is the beginning and the end. An inspiring story worth listening to. Stay tuned!

“I remember saying: I don’t wanna be this person anymore, spending half of my life criticizing myself.”

In this episode Jana and Amy talk about:

  • Work to get to your comfort space.
  • People know and sense how you feel.
  • How we show up online for other people and for ourselves.
  • Be open to constructive criticism and follow your gut.

This 30-minute episode is about::

  • Learning how to say No.
  • Don’t overwork.
  • Believe in growing you and on how to be a better persona.
  • You’re lovable
  • Don’t doubt your capacity.

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