In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Teresa Harding.

Teresa has built her own global business with sales teams in 61 countries. In that time, Teresa has mastered the strategies to streamline any business, and how to convey those strategies to her clients in an easy to follow, step by step plan. Stay tuned to find out more about Teresa’s story of hope.

“Until you break the rules, you cannot break old records.”

Jana and Teresa talk about:

  • There’s always hope.
  • When people come into our lives, they always come in a specific season.
  • You’re entitled to be sad.
  • Building relationships, caring, and getting to know other people.

This 30-minute episode on mindset shift includes:

  • Finding out what the other actually needs.
  • You are strong. You are amazing.
  • Leave behind your limiting beliefs
  • Failure is simply you figuring out another way to make it work.

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