In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Melissa Ross.

With 20 years of experience in the field of yoga and mindfulness, Melissa is a leading authority on healing and growth. As a leader and the founder of Breathe With Me Yoga, Melissa has influenced thousands of kids to connect with their mind, body, and spirit through breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness. As a speaker, coach, and author, and the founder of Rise2Wellness, she uses her own experience with postpartum depression and anxiety to work with a wide range of individuals inspiring and empowering them to navigate – and overcome – stress, anxiety, and depression.

After helping her son navigate anxiety at an early age and spending time in the classroom with so many children, it became Melissa’s biggest passion to help children and their parents navigate their way through anxiety, bullying, and positivity. It has also become her passion to help all women step into their purpose and power through Clarity Coaching for Stressed Out Moms and Women. Melissa is an international best-selling author, an award-winning speaker, and entrepreneur, a 200-hour RYT, a 95-hour RCYT, and a proud mother.

Stay tuned to find out more about Melissa’s story of hope.

“I had myself to compare to, I already had one child that I never had any postpartum depression with. I wish that someone was there to tell me not to feel that shame.”

Jana and Melissa talk about:

  • Melissa’s story of hope
  • Navigating anxiety and depression
  • Breathe With Me Yoga

This 30-minute episode includes:

  • Melissa’s journey of how she helped her son navigate anxiety at an early age
  • The process of your body getting back to normal
  • Melissa’s work with children, including her TV show

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