In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Victoria Dioh, owner of Manifestation Kitchen, a newly rebranded initiative of mine where my clients gain clarity, confidence, and certainty through my healing processes. Victoria shares with us how food is a transmitter of energy that may be blocking your creativity and your inner voice. How can it be unlocked? by eating foods that help you ground you back

to listen to your intuition again.

“Once I connected with my intuition, it gave me a freedom that allowed me to now help others .” 

Jana and Victoria talk about:

  • Take your shoes off and close your eyes: imagine a wide space where nothing matters. Just connect to your intuition.
  • Trust and believe in yourself.
  • Everything is about energy and intuition. You have to believe in what you’re receiving.
  • Deep down sometimes we feel we’re not worth it. We need to take ownership of that feeling. Don’t let anybody hold you down.

This 30-minute episode is on:

  • Manifestation kitchen: food is energy. In restaurants where people argue a lot, that energy is translated to your food.
  • Eat foods that can ground you back, like beans and ginger.
  • The more natural the food is, the more it heals.
  • We all have an inner voice and that very powerful feeling that we need to listen to more.

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