In this episode, Jana talks with Amanda Elise Love. Amanda is a registered holistic nutritionist who works with those with fibromyalgia. She wants you to know the meaning of the word holistic by talking about nutrition and supplements. You will hear from Amanda in this incredible episode. Stay tuned!

“How do you know the difference in your health journey if you do not keep records of your progress?”

Jana and Amanda Talk About:
1) Hear how Amanda used an elimination diet to start her path to recovery.
2) Fibromyalgia and how to find your path back to a thriving lifestyle
3) Tracking your progress could be the difference in your recovery.
4) It’s not all in your head, one of the miss diagnosed illness

In this 30 minute episode, you will hear Amanda’s personal journey and her recovery. Amanda and Jana talk about some of the myths and missed diagnosis of this disease.


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