In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Kris Ward, a leading authority in building your business by building your team. Kris is the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy. She helps entrepreneurs create their W.I.N Team (what is next) team so you can get your Idea to implementation and make your ambitions come alive!!

After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist. She was thrilled to see that her business had not only survived her absence but was thriving. Kris has been interviewed by one of the original sharks from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, and ABC’s The Secret Millionaire – James Malinchak. She has been featured on award-winning podcasts, radio, and TV shows.

“When you have a winning team, they support you; you don’t manage them.”

Jana and Kris talk about:
1) A winning team is a team getting ideas for implementation
2) How does getting 25 hours a week back in your life when you start implementing your winning team?
3) Getting more and more juice out of you by creating bigger and better things and getting your message out.
4) Consistency allows you to show up your best every day
5) Big mistake #1 they don’t have a team, they don’t have a team, THEY DON’T HAVE A TEAM!

This 30-minute episode is on:
The importance of creating a winning team and getting ideas to implementation. Putting systems and tools into place to create bigger, better, and strong things.

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