In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Naturopathic Doctor Serena Goldstein. Dr. Serena is passionate about guiding people to trust their intuition beyond just what we feel but through the similarity of how our body is a metaphor for our life. When people come to see her, they know they can feel better to any degree, there’s more out there, and they want the freedom along with knowledge & guidance to introduce them to many types of perspectives of healing and therapies that they can then choose so healing becomes part of life (versus a more ‘quick fix’) and fun! They get to learn more about their body (and their life) than they ever have before, especially when it branches into ensuring they are also truly happy with themselves as a whole being.

“Acknowledge, embrace, and embody… that things are actually happening for a bigger purpose.”

Jana and Dr. Serena talk about:
1) Waking up and experiencing your own spiritual awaking and understanding that there is more to life.
2) Acknowledge, embrace, and embody that things are actually happing for a bigger purpose.
3) Normalizing times of despair and allow yourself to heal and forgive that part of your journey.
4) Going back to child-like beliefs and remember what is really fun and lights you up.

In this 30-minute episode on:
Jana talks with Dr. Serena on waking up and experiencing your own personal spiritual awaking, and understanding there is more to life. Normalizing times of despair and allowing yourself to heal and forgive.

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