In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Dr. Hana. Dr. Hana has been on a mission to educate people on nasal washing benefits for more than three decades. Her enthusiasm for patient empowerment and reduction of medication use has become the core of BeWell Health. Dr. Hana is an advocate of common sense solutions for nasal health and is passionate about helping others breathe easier, naturally! Hear from Dr. Hana and her revolutionary new way of nasal washing. Stay tuned!

“I would never as a child to do something, I myself wouldn’t do.”

Jana and Dr. Hana talk about:
1) If we can get every child to wash their nose, what would that look like in their health care journey.
2) We breathe 10k liters a day? What does that look like when it comes to what we are breathing in?
3) Dr. Hana shares the benefits to your children teaching them about nasal washing.
4) Learn the benefits of nasal cleaning in this day and age and what that means for you.
5) Reducing your toxic load

This 34-minute episode is on:
Jana and Dr. Hana discuss natural health care options, the importance of nasal washing, and incorporating the routine into your family’s lives.

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Show Music ‘Hold On’ by Amy Gerhartz

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