In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Amy Klein.

Amy, along with Kelly Roach, founded Give Her Courage and The Courageous Brand. The Courageous Brand is a retail and educational company with a mission to instill strong, smart, and bold girls from the start and grow a movement of women lifting each other for a better future. Ten percent of all proceeds help children all around the world get their fair shot.

“You should be failing, you should be fearless, you should be going for it, and letting yourself make the mistakes to be successful.”

Jana and Amy talk about:

1) Going fearlessly in the directions of your dreams
2) Believing in the power of you and making your dreams come true
3) Just being you and accept your imperfections
4) Joining the courage academy and changing the world
5) Learning Positive risk-changing skills.

This 28-minute episode is on:

Educating our young women on how to build a successful tool kit in life. Creating a peer networking and safe space to encourage and build confidence in our daughters, granddaughters, and young friends worldwide.

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