Part 4 of 4 part series: Let’s Write with Rhonda

In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Rhonda Salvestrini. Rhonda has been called an entrepreneur’s coach of dreams. As a Writing Coach & Ghostwriter, Rhonda Salvestrini is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and non-fiction writers kiss their stuck goodbye, find confidence in their voice as an authority, and be inspired to write bravely and fearlessly bringing the voice of their brand to life. With her incredible wit and intelligence, she speaks life into people making the writing process feel effortless and fun.

“Sometimes we get so sucked into the comparison trap, and we look at and compare what others are sharing and feel pressure to follow.”

Jana and Rhonda Talk about:
1) Why your story matters and sharing it with intent
2) Using your authentic voice to create vulnerability and inspiration
3) Take a deep dive into how you are really connecting in this digital world, and is it effective?
4) Letting go of your fear and finding your courage to share your voice.
5) Find a way to get your message, voice, and inspiration into the world.

This 30-minute episode is on:
Jana and Rhonda talk about why your story matters and how to share it with intent. Learning to use your authentic voice to create vulnerability and inspiration. Letting go of your fear and stepping into your courage to share your voice and tell your story.


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