Catharines mission is to help the world be healthier naturally with mother nature’s oldest and original food- algae. Catharine graduated with an MBA from Ivey School of Business and a Health Coach Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her career spans thirty-three years. She has been an international attaché for the Canadian and British Governments, publisher of an international magazine, and the Founder of three startups. But in 2008, when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist to adopt an alkaline
diet because it would help her heal, Catharine put her career on hold to help her sister. In the process, she discovered algae, the most alkaline, nutrient-dense food in the world with healing properties that no one outside of Asia seemed to know about. Catharine knew algae would be a game-changer for the world if she could help everyone understand it better. And ENERGYbits® was born.

“What sometimes may appear to be a disaster can really hugely change your life and become your silver lining.”

Jana and Catharine talk about:
1) What is algae, and what’s it all about
2) How safe is algae for human consumption
3) The Difference between Spirulina Algae and chlorella Algae
4) Sparalina Algae is a complete protein filled with supplements
Boosting your immune system naturally.
5) Why Take algae at all?

This 30-minute episode is on:
What is algae, and how does it support my health and wellness journey. What is the difference between Sparalina and Chlorella Alages, and why do we need them in our diet?

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