In this episode, Jana talks with Samantha Coffin. Samantha is a health + wellness coach with a crazy history of gut health! After years of struggles, finally, at 18 I was diagnosed with both Lyme Disease and Celiac Disease! At 31, Endometriosis. I have battled gut discomfort, pain, infertility, and lots in between. What I didn’t know for years was I AM NOT ALONE. There are 300,000 reported cases of Lyme Disease every year in the US. 1 in 100 people worldwide have celiac disease and 1 in 10 women have Endometriosis. Why aren’t we talking about it?

Thankfully, I started to get louder about my experiences and decided to no longer settle for a life of feeling crappy. My journey has been both a messy and beautiful path and I am grateful for how far I have come.

I strongly believe no one should have to do this alone. That is why I founded The Wellness Rewind where I help people who are fed up with gut, sleep and stress struggles reclaim THEIR wellness + live THEIR best life!

“I don’t remember a time from my childhood when I wasn’t sick and in and out of hospitals and doctors offices.”

Jana and Samantha Discuss:
1) Is it a hysteria-type symptom or are you really sick?
2) How do you recognize the symptoms of endometriosis
3) What are some of the symptoms of Lyme’s Disease and how do I
recognize it
4) Get early diagnosis and speak up and give your symptoms a voice
5) Gluten-free and celiacs disease

This 3-minute episode is on:
Listening to your symptoms and then giving them a voice. How to recognize the possible symptoms of Lyme’s Disease, Celiac Disease, and Endometriosis.

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Show Music ‘Hold On’ by Amy Gerhartz

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