In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Erin McCullough.

Erin McCullough is a thought leader, an in-demand speaker, and an international teacher who helps people create IMPENETRABLE JOY to be calm, have peace of mind, and meaning in their life, NOW! Erin had an Anxiety Disorder that had her holed up in her home for nearly a year.

Through that experience, she learned how and why that happened and developed strategies to overcome and prevent it, which she now teaches. Erin vowed that when she found solutions to overcoming and preventing anxiety, she would do whatever she could to make sure that no one had that experience, so that has been her mission.

Erin spent a decade studying the Mind/Body connection, Visualization, and ways to still the mind. Over the decade, she has created simple strategies to Overcoming and Preventing Anxiety, Worry and Overwhelm so that all her clients live life intentionally in Joy. She has been an entrepreneur for 21 years and consulting businesses and business leaders for 16 years. So if you question who you are and what you are meant to be doing in this life, let Erin help you discover your own path to joy.

“Impenetrable joy a guide to calm peace of mind and meaning in your life now.”

Jana and Erin talk about:
1) Learning to get help with an anxiety disorder
2) Gaining your personal awakening through Joy
3) Happiness can be short-lived
4) Joy is an internal experience that becomes a piece of us
5) Creating your joy through a visualization technique
6) Becoming the detective of your own emotions

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In this episode, Jana and Erin discuss learning to get help with your anxiety disorder and gaining a personal awakening through Joy. Creating your joy through a daily visualization technique and becoming the detective of your own emotions.

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