In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Geri Maroney.

As a cancer survivor, Geri Maroney understands that healing the emotional wounds from a cancer diagnosis is as important as healing the physical wounds. As an Advocate for Hope and a Champion for Courage, Geri empowers cancer warriors to strengthen soul-nurturing techniques that allow them to release negative emotions, boost courage, and rebuild self-confidence, so they can live inspired lives that bring them joy. Her Book, Beautiful Lady, is filled with honesty and humor and offers a resource for the growth of spirit packed with essential tools and new perspectives on age-old beliefs that may weigh heavy on the heart of cancer patients.

“Feel the feeling but don’t become the emotion.”

Jana and Geri talk about:
1) It really boils down to those 3 steps
2) Identifying the emotions around your cancer diagnosis
3) There is trauma that comes with cancer
4) How do you learn to trust your body again
5) Putting the whole story together and sharing it in a journal

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In this episode with Jana discuss with Geri, about the 3-steps it really boils down to getting through your journey. Identifying the emotions around your cancer diagnosis, and the trauma that comes with cancer. How to learn to trust your body again.

Meet Geri Maroney:

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