In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Damon Sununtnasuk.

Damon serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Natural Cure Labs LLC, operating as Palmara Health and VitaTails brand supplements. He has an internationally decorated career in health, technology, and entrepreneurial leadership, and his work and travel have taken him to more than 70 countries across six continents. He is the founder and president of multiple award-winning companies, including an industry-recognized strategy consulting firm with a global client base. Damon earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Florida and his Master of Business Administration (First-Class Honours) from the University of Cambridge, England.

“No one supplement is a “silver bullet” for immunity, but a combination of monolaurin and other research-driven supplements may give you the support you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

This 30-minute episode is on:
1) Monolaurin is only one important tool in your immune support regimen
2) What are some complementary supplements I can use with Monolaurin.
3) Following and trusting the research when looking for what’s right for you.
4) Supplements are NOT meant to treat or diagnose a disease.
5) L-Lysen and Eldeberry, how it works with Monolaurin
6) Who is Monolaurin for?

This episode is about:
In this episode, Jana and Damon discuss Monolaurin as one important tool in your immune support regimen, but not the only one. Learn about complementary supplements which are commonly taken with monolaurin

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