In this episode of Oh My Heath … There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Jessa de la Morena.

Jessa”s cancer journey has transformed her and led her to create an empowerment and wellbeing movement called U Are The Hero. She is on a mission to help people going through adversity to find strength and most importantly to find their inner hero that has been there all along. Her intention is to reach people with inspiration and recommendations of resources and lessons learned at the onset of their personal disruptions, to help them shift from being reactive to taking response-ability in their wellbeing and lives and therefore actively look for solutions and find the positive opportunities in the situations they are facing.

She is currently the Global Director of the Transformational Leadership program at Amadeus, though has held numerous executive roles ranging from business development and strategy, and she also does group and individual coaching. Jessica also loves opportunities to change people’s mindsets through inspirational speeches.
She is half Spanish and half American has traveled extensively all her life, and in. She is also fascinated by different cultures and perspectives that enrich her own experience and allow her to deepen her understanding of herself.

“What if the worse thing that ever happened to you was the best thing that ever happened to you?”

Jana and Jessa de la Morena Talk about:
1) Being your own hero
2) Turning your difficulties into your life’s purpose
3) Creating your own plan and empowering yourself again
4) Your stories are powerful sharing them changes lives
5) Let yourself be connected to your hearts
6) Share your story with others you never know who needs your message

This 30-minute episode is on:
In this episode Jana and Jessa discuss becoming your own hero, turning your difficulties into your life’s purpose. Creating your own plan and empowering your wellness journey. Your story is powerful and sharing it with others makes the difference of a lifetime to someone on the other end.

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