In this episode Jana talks with Chella Diaz, a holistic coach, about how to face the backpack of excuses we created around the concept of money, to be able to let it go and free ourselves.

What is money?

“Money is just energy exchange”

In this episode Chella shares her knowledge on:

  • Making a living out of our life gifts
  • Knowing your strengths
  • Identify our worst unconscious enemies
  • Getting started with a mindset coach

This 30-minute episode about changing your money mindset covers:

  • Getting rid of “I never could afford it” excuse
  • Letting go of the life stories that you don’t need
  • Not feeling guilty of making money
  • Identifying where you want to be

Get in touch with Chella, change your mindset now!

Chella knew at a very young age how to manage money, at 9 years old she would go to the Farmer’s market and knew the vendors that had the best produce at the lowest price. She purchased her car at 17 and her first home at 23. Chella was married for 17 years and has two sons.
For over 15 years, Chella has been on her spiritual journey.

Chella has been hosting workshops to empower people to master their money skills. Her simple approach to creating a spending plan that will serve you today and for many years to come will allow you to reach your financial goals with joy and grace.

Chella has worked with many coaches and mentors and created a program that meets each client where they are and provides them with the tools they need to unpack their emotional baggage around money.

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