In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Bailey Frumen, a psychotherapist, motivational speaker, coach, and author. Through her unique coaching programs, Bailey has helped hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs to realize their higher purpose and maintain a balance within their lives. Tune in to learn all about her story of hope!

What is your story of hope? …

Things sometimes happen in our lives that makes us realize we need to make a change.

Are you experiencing things that are uncomfortable? In your health, workplace, relationships?

Our stories of hope come from moments of feeling “hopeless.”

Even when we get stuck in a pattern of just living our life and not putting our actual selves, or heart and soul on the menu….

The good news is- we can make a change!

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Bailey Frumen and they discuss….

  • Bailey shares her story of hope and how it led her to help others.
  • Learn how to cope with stress and how to make a change!
  • Don’t feel discouraged and keep pushing forward to what makes you happy!

Tune into this 32-minute episode + I speak with Bailey Frumen + she shares her tips on how to identify that you need to make a change in your life and then how to do it!

Key Points:

  • Sometimes we tend to get into just a pattern of living life and forget to put ourselves first.
  • When you realize that you aren’t happy or your stress level is high, it’s time to make a change!
  • Bailey shares how her personal experiences with anxiety led her to make a change.
  • Your story of hope grows from moments of feeling hopeless.
  • We tend to develop habits in our lives whether they affect us negatively or positively.
  • We get wisdom by life experiences that teach us sometimes we need to fall to get back up.
  • It’s very important to stay with your profession and not stray to avoid stress.
  • The best thing you can give clients as a coach is being well resourced.
  • As a coach you aren’t meant to solve all problems, but to lead people in the right direction.
  • Having a great team is a tool for success.
  • You have to believe and invest in yourself.
  • You have to bring value to others within your coaching and life.
  • We should always want to grow and invest in ourselves to become better for our business.
  • We only grow in direct correlation to the depth of questions that we ask ourselves.
  • Bailey shares her secrets as an author and how she grows.
  • We tend to be our own worst enemies.
  • When we get out of our own heads, we can make a change and make anything happen.
  • Bailey shares all about coaching and how to know what kind of clients to serve.
  • Check out Bailey in our magazine!
  • Ask yourself, what is holding you back?

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