Health Influencers' Mastermind

We are so excited by your interest in speaking at our upcoming Health Influencers’ Mastermind. It has always been our desire to help and serve others. We are passionate about educating others on health and wellness through a more holistic lifestyle. On our journey we realised, although we had become a leading expert in our field, we just didn’t have the expertise to do our clients justice in so many other areas. Better to be a master of one than a Jack of all trades.

That is why we created the Health Influencers’ Mastermind to strategically partner with leaders in the health and wellness arena. We want our clients to always be offered the best possible road to their personal health goals. If you’ve been sent this form it’s because we have personal knowledge of your skills and respect you as a leader. You are someone we trust to refer our clients. We also offer several other platforms to spotlight your expertise. We are currently allowing our experts to coauthor a holistic health and wellness book “Oh, My Health, There is Hope” which we are hoping to have as an Amazon #1 Best Seller!

This venue is to gather other entrepreneurs that are leaders in Health and Wellness. We would become strategic partners on this health journey, and offering you a platform to extend your reach and become a global influencer. We will be promoting through our social media. We ask that you promote The Health Influencers Mastermind and you as a speaker through your social media. We currently have over 40,000 clients and followers all over the world who are desperately seeking health answers. There is no product promotion of any kind, We are looking for health experts that are people driven and not product driven. YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!

  • Please get your completed form back as soon as possible so we can schedule a call and we can hear more about your speaking and teaching expertise. We will use that call to answer any and all of your questions.

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My name is Jana Short

Jana Short is a global influencer in the health and wellness industry, renowned mindset coach, entrepreneur, best selling author, podcaster, and magazine editor. She aims to help others better their lives through holistic health solutions, rather than simply seeking the traditional “modern medicine” response. Jana is a strong proponent of collaborating with others. She has built her business alongside other health experts, who have taken part in guest blogs, podcast interviews, and co-authoring opportunities.

Another venture that Jana recently dove into is podcasting. In September, Jana created her own podcast called Oh, My Health…There Is Hope! The podcast focuses on holistic wellness and airs every Monday morning. Jana often invites guest experts onto her episodes for interviews, and occasionally has solo episodes where she discusses important topics in holistic health. Each episode is inspiring and informative for her listeners who are on the path toward healthier lifestyles.

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