Have you ever heard the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe”? While this is clearly up to interpretation, I choose to look at it as what you decide to project out into the world will directly determine what you attract back to you. For example, if you are the type of person who is continuously trying to sell something, you may come off as desperate, clingy, needed, or even rude. More often than not, people who start any interaction off by jumping right into the taking part in a relationship are usually not going to see repeat business. I have been at this a long time (clearly I started young given that I don’t look a day over 35), and it has been my experience that the best way to convert a client is by getting to know them first.

Establish Lasting Relationships

In my online coaching business, I am continually reinforcing this lesson. It is critical to the survival of any business (that’s right, even Apple) that companies take the time to get to know their ideal client. Most successful companies do this so effortlessly that they may not even notice anymore when they are doing it. When creating a new product or service, they take all of the information and feedback they receive from their target demographic and use it to create something to fill a need that has been expressed by their audience. If you are just starting, or you have been asking yourself what you are doing wrong, it may not come as easy to us as it does to these other successful businesses. That’s okay because today I am going to show you just how easy it can be.

Build Up Repport

To begin, you want to make sure you are focusing on your ideal client. Once you know who it is, you can serve best (you may have a product/service that anyone can benefit from, but you want to focus on who can get the most out of what you have to offer) you want to introduce yourselfSocial media can be the perfect way to do just that. It provides a comfortable low risk and investment on all parties concerned. After they initiate contact (via a like or comment), you will want to lead them to more ways they can get to know you a little better. Remember, people are more likely to purchase from someone they trust and know then they are to buy from a stranger regardless of price. A great way to continue your interaction is through blogs (also brings in new leads), freebie offers (even another lead generator), and email campaigns. Once a client has expressed interest, set up a call or additional interaction.

Ease Into Things

Now, here’s where a lot of people tend to jump the gun. I know it is exciting that you have found someone who you can help, but you don’t want to scare them off and not be able to aid them in solving their health or wellness problems. Remember to take it slow and let them tell you what they need. We tend to want to share our stories in the hopes that our audience will hear them and either relate or help resolve any of our current issues. Trust me, and your client wants to do this, that is why they are meeting with you. If, during your conversation, they express an interest in working with you or purchase a product, then you can provide them with that information. 

Build A Home Base

Here’s the thing, most (not all) clients will want to have a little more interaction with you before committing. That is why I strongly suggest to my clients that they offer a paid group or even a free one for clients to continue to interact and learn with and from you. These paid or free groups serve multiple purposes. One of the most important goals is to keep your warm market active and engaged. Group options help create an environment in which clients become loyal to not only you but your brand as well. They can also help your audience get a better feel and understanding of your mission and motives. Not to mention, have you ever noticed that when you find something or someone you can’t imagine a life without you want to share it with the world. 

Strengthen Connections 

We, as individuals, tend to want others to feel or experience the same joy we have and thus establish another personal connection to one another. The need to feel accepted is primal. Back in the old days, if you did not fit in, you would be cast out from the tribe and forced to survive on your own. Which often did not end well. As a by-product, we actively seek out people who feel or think like we do. It helps to create a feeling or sense that we belong and are accepted for who we are. Creating these online groups is a great way to do just that. Not to mention, you will find that people inside the group are often more likely to open up to one another then they are to you directly. Because a number of them do it somewhere, you can actively see it; you can get more feedback on how you can better serve them. The better you serve them, the more likely they are to continue to do business with you.

Grow Together

If you are currently struggling to make the conversions your business needs to keep actively growing, you owe it to yourself and others to take a moment to review your current practice. It has been my experience that, more often than not, we as business owners get caught up focusing on all the wrong things. For most people, the solution tends to be easier than they may think. One of my favorite parts of my job is helping others find solutions to their current business problems while also actively helping them get their message heard. I have had the honor of working with some fantastic individuals whose messages are so positive and powerful. When it comes to operating a business online, it can be challenging to stand out among the sea of competition. That’s where I come in. Let me show you how.

Are You Ready To Be An Influencer?

There are tons of ways to increase your exposure online and on the air. Don’t believe me? Be sure to subscribe to my next article that will break down even more ways to extend your reach. If you are a health and wellness expert looking for help to become the next major influencer in your field, I would love to hear from you. I offer an online course that can help you do just that. For more information, book a one-on-one consultation call with me. If you are the best at what you do and no one knows you exist, how many people can you help?

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