“An about page helps to improve your brand image. This means that an about page has the ability to spur your target audience to trust you by depicting how relevant, trustworthy, reliable, and efficient that you are. “

Your about page is one of the most pertinent web pages on your blog. Whether the business is being controlled by a person or a group of persons, your about page is essential. Apart from being the element that gets people to your website, it is the place where a good number of visitors are going to click over. If you really want your site to be regarded with much seriousness and trust, you must set up a compelling about page. According to the definition above, an about page is a web page on your blog that tells people about your person or a group of persons in a simplified way of storytelling.  An about page is a unique and indispensable page on a site where your visitors and learners get to more about you and what you do, the essence of your site, and other questions. 

Getting to write an about page is not something that can be learned in a rush; it is not the easiest thing to master; nevertheless, it is possible to learn when you understand the important elements that must be included. Most times, the about page is the web page that carries the story of the owner’s journey from struggling to achieve success finally. An about page has a lot of importance if created on a website, although only a few people know this. An about page helps to improve your brand image. This means that an about page has the ability to spur your target audience to trust you by depicting how relevant, trustworthy, reliable, and efficient that you are. The about page is like a proven track record that your viewer/readers must see every time they visit your website.

To ensure that your about page is relevant and influential to your customers’ rise, you must follow certain ways to make sure it is intriguing and captivating.

Write solely about yourself: right from the name, an about page should solely be about the owner’s story. The about page is not for the company’s brand but the owner’s personal brand. Your story should be interestingly written on the about page to inspire your readers or potential customers. Moreover, the entire about page does not necessarily have to focus on you alone. This does not imply that your personal story cannot be included; rather, it means that you must be very deliberate and wise to focus more on how you can utterly solve your readers’ problems. Focusing on how to solve your readers’ problems helps to present a brand interested in their wellbeing and satisfaction. 

Headline: The about page needs to have a catchy headline. Your about page is no exemption. You must ensure that the headline is simple, clear, insightful, and benefit-driven. Every web page needs a captivating headline; this will make readers stay glued to your web page. Your headline should be a point that depicts that you are fully aware of their problems and you are available to solve them.

Be benefits inclined: Your about page has to be relevant to your readers’ interest or potential customers. This must be benefit-inclined as it must attract viewers and an audience to the page. Your about page has to align with the problems of readers and potential customers. The about page must be benefit-centered and emphasized as this is what will make the readers and audience stay glued to your page. 

Use your personal picture: according to a popular author, a picture is worth a thousand words. This means that a picture is overtly attractive than a page of hundred words. No matter how attractive, captivating, and impressing your web page is, it is totally incomplete with a picture. If all you have on your about page is mere words, then you have a risk of losing your potential audience and customers because pictures keep the audience and readers glued and fascinated. Ensure that you add an image to the about page. Instead of delving into unnecessary self-appraisals, add an image to the about page and ensure that the image is one that calls your audience’s attention. Make sure the picture is your personal picture if the website belongs to your brand- solely. Some persons who operate a brand as a group opt for a more generic image that captures the brand’s goal and mission. A personal image ensures that people get know who you are and what your brand stands for. Make sure that you avoid excessive and uncontrolled self-praise; avoid being monotonous.  

Storytelling: A successful about page emphasizes the author’s story. Storytelling is one of the best ways of getting people attentive. Yes, a lot has happened in your life, and through the about page, you can use that medium to get your readers’ attention or potential customers. Storytelling is popularly ascribed to have been able to boost conversion rates effectively. Storytelling enhances the readability and relativity of the audience or potential customers. 

Call to Actions: This is one way to ensure that your about page is interactive and compelling. Calling your audience to actions having explicitly showing them how you seek to solve their problems is a way to keep them glued to your web page. By calling your potential audience or customers to action, you entertain the possibility of having your readers develop a keen interest in your web page. The call to action deals with where you send people after they have read your about page? Do not ever assume that the readers or potential audience will return to the about page without pushing to them a call to action. 

According to a blog, the call to action is a pertinent and relevant factor of your homepage, about page, and landing page. It would help if you totally comprehend the influence of words and how far they go in affecting the lives of several persons. In order to build and ensure that a sustainable connection is built between you and your audience through the about page, you must understand the effect of words.

Know your audience: Aside from all that have been explicitly listed above, you must also know your audience; if you do not know your audience, you will not know the problems they are tackling. Knowing your audience properly will ensure that your about page is centered around them. It is said that you get to the peak of your most persuasive self when you know your customer’s needs like your backhand. 

Share your values: Like earlier mentioned in the above points, talk about yourself, ensure that you share your value when talking about yourself. Let your potential customers and readers be able to conceive you as a human and not a robot. Vulnerability is seen in what we find value in; we are different as humans. When you share your values, people begin to find it easy to perceive you as a human. They find your story relatable when you share your values unashamedly.

Demonstrate how you seek to solve their problems: Also, demonstrating on your about page how you seek to solve your readers’ problems is a trick to get your customers glued to your about page. Tell them out-rightly on your about page how your brand is committed to their utmost satisfaction. Do not hide anything from them, rather come open; come clean, be explicit as simple as possible, be strategic in how you reveal ways you intend to solve their problems. This basically will allow you to keep them interested in your web page without feeling bored.

Tell them how you can be of help: This is another way of ensuring that your about page is extremely readable and relative. Tell them how you can be of help to them. Talk to them about their problems and how you have studiously strived to ensure that their satisfaction is your utmost desire. 

Write like you speak: When curating your about page, write like you speak, write like you are talking to them; this makes it seem lively and realistic. Do not be so overwhelmed by the thoughts of just writing; ensure that you write like you are talking; this is the best way to ensure that your writing is lucid, clear, and readable.

In conclusion, do not get carried away by the above-listed points. Take your time when you are trying to incorporate all of these when you curate your about page to increase your customers and audience and give your about page premium attention. Many persons often neglect the fact this is a factor that determines a customer’s interest in your brand. Ensure that you infuse all of these points when preparing your about page. Do not forget about the image’s role; if you are a group, talk to your co-clients about a perfect image representing your brand and if you are the only one in charge, select an image that perfectly describes you.

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