We have all heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words,” and yet most of us struggle to turn those same words into actions. In this article, I will break down just how important it is for your business to get your message out there and the best way to get your clients to work with you. How can you get your message out there? One of the most powerful things we all have access to is our personal stories. Our stories are embedded in every aspect of our lives and businesses, or at least they should be. 

Stand Out

Let’s face it, there are trillions of businesses out there, and the odds are that at least one or more of them does what you do. How do you stand out with everyone selling the same or similar products? With your unique and personal story. The majority of clients we deal with are individuals that connect with our story or journey in some way. One of the best ways to open up lines of communication and trust is by first showing our vulnerabilities. Now, I am not saying we should go online and share all of our most profound personal lows and leave it at that.

Tell Your Story

When we tell our stories or share something personal, it is essential to remember that our audience may be at that same low point. If they are, it can help to know they are not alone and that we have all been there before. However, one of the biggest mistakes people make on social media is that they either only share the highs or only the low points of their day. At the end of the day, it all comes back to balance. When we share these moments in our lives with others, it is vital to show the light at the end of the tunnel. It helps to think of it as the person viewing or listening on the other side of the glass. Yes, it is comforting knowing you have been where I am now. But if you leave it at just that low point and don’t offer me hope for change, it may never change for me.

Be Real

I am not saying you should not be authentic with your audience. To be honest, we, as consumers, can tell when someone is fake with us, and it does not go over well. The purpose of speaking to your target demographic is to build up a relationship with them. Healthy relationships are built on trust and a balance of giving and take. You are less likely to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with your audience when you are unauthentic. Just remember to give them hope when you open up about your low points. It is okay for you to post or blog when you are dealing with something. We have all been there, but this too shall pass, and you need to remind your audience of this as well. 


One of my favorite things about telling my story to others is the fact that it sets the stage for them to open up to you. It never ceases to amaze me, every time I want to re-engage with my audience, I will either post a personal quote and part of my story, or I will go live and tell part of my story that way. You would not believe how doing something, so little can produce instant results. People want to connect with you; it is how we are all designed. It is the knowledge that relating to a person or feeling that can propel any business to the front of the line.

Take A Moment

I want you to take a moment and think about one or two of your favorite companies, brands, products; you name it. What is it about them that makes you keep coming back for more? Do they inspire you to be better than you are? What type of feeling does it bring out in you? When I look around my office, I can see a few brands. The one closest to me by proximity is Apple. Do you know why they chose an apple to be their brand? It is because they wanted to inspire users to learn and be more creative. Apple conducted studies to find out which image was more likely to inspire those feelings, and it turned out to be an apple.

Generate A Feeling

I want you to think about what feeling you wish to get across to your consumer. No matter what it is you are working on, anything you put out for your business, you need to keep that feeling in mind. Everything you do should invoke that same feeling. Not only will it help to establish a more cohesive flow for your audience, but it will also help you stay on target. Just like driving the car (or your business) will go in the direction you are focused on. Make sure you are keeping your eyes on the prize!


If you are looking to expand your business’s reach even further, I would highly recommend looking into collaborating. Collaboration is the new networking. Anyone who has their own business knows that networking can either make or break you. Collaborating has become essential for success in any industry. There is a limit to how much we can do on our own. But when we work together, we become an unstoppable force. The best thing about collaborating is that it is so versatile. You come together and launch a whole new product or line. Or you can do something as small as guest speaking on their podcast or social media. No matter what you do, it is clear that collaborating can open doors for all parties included.

Are You Ready To Be An Influencer?

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