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Starting May 26th thru May 29th

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A wise woman once told me “at the end of the day there is only person you can change and that is YOU!” So why not start now? When you start any journey it starts with that first small step, and then leads to another and another… Next thing you know you are at the peak of your mountain!

Here's How to Get the Most from this Event

Invite a friend!!! The best thing you can do is help another reach their full potential, or even take that first step on the path of health and wellness. We’ve decided to do the exact same thing! By keeping everyone who enrolls as a VIP Guest, we are making sure you have access to EVERYTHING! you might need to start your personal journey to a healthy, happier, YOU!

Jana Short


Jana is a renowned global influencer, award-winning mindset coach,  NLP & RTT Practitioner, best-selling author, public speaker, Oh, My Health… There is HOPE! podcast host and Best Holistic Life magazine editor.

Jana works creating online global influencers, teaching her clients to not only remove blocks that are holding them back but how to start that love affair with their potential online clients.

She has recently been recognized and featured on the cover of Los Angeles Entrepreneur Magazine as Los Angeles #1 mindset coach of 2021, Monica Garg’s “Influential Women of the World-Global Influencers” 2020, Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine “Top 25 Entrepreneurs for 2020” issue and the cover of December’s Best Holistic Life magazine.

Jana is getting the message of hope out into the world in a huge way, changing the world one inspiring story at a time.

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