Removing Mind Blocks Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Mind blocks are the psychological barriers that stand in the way of your motivation and productivity. With the uncertainty caused by mind blocks, your thought processes get disrupted, especially when dealing with something new, such as starting a new business or even taking it to 6 to 7 figures.

A puzzling question about life relates to why some people succeed while others don’t. Usually, one of the possible causes is a mental block. This is a psychological barrier that stands in the way of your motivation and productivity. As humans, our minds have a significant role to play in helping us achieve our greatest hopes and dreams. It can also make us get confused such that we become despondent and give up on our dreams. With uncertainty, our thought processes get disrupted, especially when dealing with something new, such as starting a new business or even taking it to 6 to 7 figures. 

Yes, I said it! You probably have a money block that you were not even aware of; yet, there it is, stopping you from blowing through that glass ceiling your head is up against. Come to think of it, since you know what to do to achieve success, how do you make yourself do it? Relax; you are not the only one in this conundrum. There are many people that are also struggling to get the answers you seek.

This piece exposes you to the need to get rid of mental blocks in your business, the means of achieving it, and how to rewire your brain and thought processes to achieve your business goal.

How Mental Blocks Affect your Business

Who are you to think of starting a successful business? What spectacular skill, knowledge, or experience do you possess? Are you aware that the odds of getting a business hit the ground are usually unfavorable? This is the wrong time to start a new business as the marketplace is too crowded. It is too late to upgrade your existing business.

These are questions and comments that indicate mental blocks. They can lead to self-doubt. Even with your qualification and experience you have garnered, you begin to find logical arguments to support the feelings of having less value. Self-doubt makes you feel unqualified and this can hinder you from pursuing your business goal.

Mental blocks can also cause indecision. The fact that you tend to place equal value on each decision you are to make, without setting priorities, makes it difficult to make a good decision eventually. Since you don’t know what is important at a particular moment, you lose focus. Thus, the tasks you are doing do not get your full attention, making them boring and uninteresting.

Indecision translates into uncertainty. This differs a bit from indecision. In the case of uncertainty, you will make a decision. However, you are unable to figure out how to implement it. This could be a result of being overwhelmed with numerous methods of carrying out the decision you already made.

Mental blocks limit your (chances of) accomplishments. It is true that every human has certain limits. However, a fixed mindset, caused by a mental block, will prevent you from acquiring additional knowledge and skills that are crucial to your business growth and expansion. Rather than leave your comfort zone, you simply settle for the less. This could be a result of being tied to your limitations and the inability to see your potentials. 

All these thought processes negatively impact your business. You find it difficult to cope with challenges associated with improving your revenue, expanding your customer base, and increase productivity.

How to Get Rid of Mind Blocks

Let’s get practical by identifying ways to get rid of mind blocks that limit our business from hitting the success line.

Recognize your inner critical voice

A problem identified is partially – if not fully – solved. The first step to eliminating mind blocks is the recognition of the inner voice that continues to frustrate your progress. Know when they relate with you. Negative self-talk or thoughts are humans’ way of responding to fears and threats. However, the fact that they are learned responses makes it possible to unlearn them. You might not possess the necessary expertise to start or grow a business yet. Notwithstanding, you need to get outside the thick wall of self-imposed limitations before having headway. Rather than nurturing negative thoughts, confront them with positive statements, such as “I have what it takes to take my business to greater heights,” “I am smart enough,” among others.

Keep on believing

Nothing kills a dream faster than a lack of self-belief. It is the cornerstone of every successful entrepreneur. For every positive energy you put out, you attract more of it in return. Self-belief helps you to bring your vision to life more easily. Though challenges may set in such that your self-belief starts to wane, however, reverting to the reason for starting up or growing your business will help you stay connected to your business goals. With self-belief, you are able to outgrow every limiting factor. 

Adapt to changes

While it is a good idea to have a feasible business plan before hitting the ground, we get so attached to them that we forget about the possible need to flow with the waves of the sea. Yes, you want to be accountable to your plans. However, there are lots of things that are out of your control. In fact, the universe usually has a plan that is bigger than ours. The fact that your plan can change makes it necessary for you to learn to hold your vision very loosely so as to be able to review and modify it to suit the prevailing circumstances. However, this should be done without losing your business’ overall goal.

Change your environment

Sometimes, the source of your mind block might be your workplace environment. Usually, a disorganized environment has a way of negatively impacting how we gain new insights and become creative. Having a neat, organized office space, on the other hand, can be the magic wand you need to improve your business. If you find yourself in an environment that hinders you from achieving the desired level of success in your business, it may be an indication that you need a new office or home environment. You may even have to tweak your environment to know the setting that works best for you. Such tweaks may include changing the painting or color, rearranging the position of the desks, frames, or bookshelf, or any other changes that can spread positive vibes.

Take on new challenges

Mental blocks may hinder you from thinking outside the box. It chokes the life out of your creative mind and distorts your thinking pattern. Tackling it, therefore, requires you to expose yourself to new thinking patterns. This could be by taking on new challenges, such as learning something new. Try out a new cooking method. Read books that are within and outside your business scope. You can always get helpful insights. When you have a hobby you enjoy doing, for instance, it keeps your creative mind alive, while also making you feel happy. Whatever challenge you decide to engage in, make sure that it helps to set your brain to think in a new way. Broadening your horizon enhances your creative ability and problem-solving capabilities.

Take a break

It is impossible to think throughout the day without having some time to relax the mind. A brain that keeps working all day without a break will eventually suffer from a mental block. Yes, you want to take your business to greater heights. So you get so immersed in only activities that relate to it. You will soon become unproductive. For instance, when sitting an examination, there is a reason why you would leave a difficult question to attend to simpler ones before returning to the difficult one later. There is more to business success than committing your entire life, time, or energy to the business. Take some time off. Hit the gym to sweat out the stress you’ve amassed throughout the day. Take a short walk down your workplace environment or neighborhood. You can even take a 30-minute nap. All these activities help you to unwind as well as stay active and productive.

Practice self-care

One of the hidden secrets of getting past mental blocks is by practicing self-care. This includes having a good amount of sleep (up to 8 hours), eating a healthy diet, and setting out time to exercise. As much as your care for your mental health, do not neglect your physical strength as well. Only a healthy person can enjoy a good working life and success.


Starting or growing a business to the desired level of success is not a profession for the faint-hearted. You can never escape encountering some or all of the mental blocks discussed here. However, the position you take towards them determines whether or not you will overcome them. You don’t have to allow self-doubt or fear to kill your dreams, thereby preventing or stagnating your business growth. It is time to take action on quitting your 9-5 business and build your business from scratch to six to seven figures. It’s not going to be easy though but it is possible. Hit the ground running!

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