The moment has finally come. You have found the one, and you are ready to make things official. All of your work has led up to this moment. Now, the only question is, what is the perfect proposal? Here’s the thing, based on all of the hard work we have spent on building our dream client, we already know what is the perfect proposal for them! Your proposal should consist of your signature program or package. This is the heart of your business, and like everything else, it should continue your client’s journey in getting to know you and your mission just a little bit better. Think of it as the foundation of your business, the reason why you do what you do.

Make it Special

What makes the proposal so unique is that you have taken the time and invested the energy into getting to know your client. Doing this helps you know exactly how you can best help your client not only receive all the benefits of your product or program, but it also tells you where they will need more help. How does this help your bottom line? Great question, at the end of the day, your client’s experience will not only determine whether or not they will work with you again in the future but also increase the likelihood that others will work with you in the future. Successful clients leave glowing reviews and testimonials! Those reviews and testimonials help onboard new clients. People want to work with people who are invested in their success!

Build Up To It

When you don’t put the work in during the beginning, you run the risk of them not completing or not achieving the same results. In the case of a situation where you onboard a client too quickly without getting to know them, they are already at a disadvantage. Take a minute and ask yourself which of the following is more likely to ask for help? Someone who doesn’t know anything about you or someone who knows and trusts you? Here’s the thing, in order for anyone to be successful regardless of the venture, they have to want it themselves. Unfortunately, no matter how badly we may want something when we don’t receive the support we need during our efforts, we are far more likely to throw in the towel when things get tough. Anyone who has ever achieved anything will tell you that it’s part of creating success. 

Make Deeper Connections

Our ability to establish long-lasting and valuable connections increases our probability of succeeding. There is a reason that so many different organizations use a variety of ways to develop and nurture these connections. We as living beings need to feel like we are not just heard but also that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. This constant need to feel and be accepted can consume our every waking moment. That is why it is so critical that we create a place for our clients to make those connections like in our online groups. While online groups may not be for everyone, they are a great way to establish a support system for your clients. No one can be available every second of every day. This is why these online communities are perfect for increasing your success rate within your programs.

The Dream Team

Personally, I have different online groups for each of my programs on top of the one I created for my warm market. Each of my programs hit on a different pain point for my client. This means that the individuals in each of my programs are at various stages of their lives and wellness journey. While on the surface that may not seem like a big deal. The reality is that you want to create an environment in which people can establish more profound connections. Sure, if you are hitting your target demographic, they are all going to have some things in common. But to maximize their experience and success rate, you want to ensure they have even more in common then they realized. That way, they can help each other succeed and take a little of the pressure and workload off of your shoulders.

Create An Experience

I have noticed that most business owners in the health and wellness industry have more than one dream avatar. Most of the clients I work within my online coaching program have two utterly different dream clients. This is completely fine; you just need to keep that in mind when you are creating all of your content because you want to make sure that you are providing each of your avatars with the tools and skills they will need to succeed. Remember, success breeds sales! You should be as invested, if not more, in your client’s success. When they succeed, you do too, big time! Make sure you are creating the perfect proposal for each of your avatars. I have two avatars, and therefore I have two signature programs. Each of these signature programs hits on all of their pain points.

Provide Value

Remember, your clients will tell you exactly what they want and need from you. Not to mention, when you pay close attention, they will also tell you where they will require you to put in extra hours. If you take nothing else away from this article, you NEED to understand the best tool you have at your disposal is your ability to listen to others. Use that feedback to help you fine-tune your programs and interactions; you will be glad you did. 

Give Solutions

When creating your signature program or even selecting your signature product, you want to make sure that it covers most, if not all, of your client’s pain points. Keep in mind that this is for them, and therefore it should provide them with the most significant possible benefit overall. I have a client who is a doctor of natural medicine, and while she can help anyone with just about anything, there are certain areas in which she is the best fit to maximize someone’s results. She has a detox as her signature program. Not because it makes her the most money, but because every one of her clients desperately NEEDS it! She has taken the time to listen to her clients and knows that based on all of their pain points, a detox will offer them the highest results on most if not all of those pain points.

Learn From Others

Another one of my clients has a signature product that she focuses on. Based on the list of her target demographics, pain points, she knows that out of all of her products, this one product is going to make the most significant difference in her client’s lives and their overall experience with the product. At the same time, another one of my clients offers a package of products as her signature offer (I work with a lot of women by the way). Her approach is a little bit different in that the package of her products contains individual products directed to hit different pain points. To her credit, this is brilliant because now, based on her client’s responses to which product worked the best for them, she has another way of identifying their number one pain point. She can then later offer an upsell product that targets that one pain point.

Grow Together

No matter what your offer is, you want to make sure that you are actively listening to your clients, keeping their success in mind at ALL times! As far as the delivery goes, you will want to do the groundwork first. When you take the time to build that relationship, they will want to know how you achieved your results. That’s right; when you do your job right, they will ask you not the other way around. One of the best things about having your clients ask you to work with them is you no longer have to sell them on just how great you are. They already know that is why they are asking to work with you. It may feel like more work in the beginning, but it will not only pull in more clients, you will also spend a LOT less time trying to convert people. 

Are You Ready To Be An Influencer?

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