the health influencers


From behind-the-scenes of a fitness model brand, to health influencers' with 1,000,000+ followers & doctors of natural medicine, Jana Short is the connection between them all. Being apart of something bigger gives you access to some of the most sought after experts & Influencers' in their field, so that you can become a top-of-mind global influencer in your field too.



Guest Speakers


The mission is to bring together wholesome and personal health & wellness influencers who seek holistic change for their clients

As someone who’s survived a double mastectomy, who thought she may not get to have the time to create memories with her grandchildren, I’ve created The Health Influencers Mastermind as an opportunity to bring together major health influencers & those in need of their help to communicate, evaluate their lives, and understand the importance of healthy living. Personally, my vast expertise in healthy living and essential oils allows me to provide viable and permanent solutions to common health issues related to fitness and healthy living. For thousands all over the world in my Health Influencers Community, I am a bridge to better living as a support, caregiver, hope-giver and opener to doors of opportunity.

My desire is to see a better world that is filled with people who are not only happy but also healthy, and ready to explore incredible lifestyles.

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